Upciti motor controller

motor controller

E-bike motor controller

Efficient, Compact, Precise: Motor Mastery

An ideal partner for pedelecs! 

Our state-of-the-art motor controller offers unparalleled configurability, accommodating varied battery packs. With direct torque and advanced field oriented control, it provides accurate handling and enhanced performance. It establishes a new benchmark for motor control technology with JIVA for rider torque estimation without torque sensors!

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High Performance

Optimal efficiency through high-performance controls.

Smooth Integration

Effortless incorporation into your products through tighter integration, compared to 50% lesser volume of other motor controllers.


Unanimously works with the majority of displays in the market.

Infinite Possibility

Optional real time telematics!


The BLDC motor control comes with a high performance, tiny form factor.
For external LCD communication protocol, this has a UART built in. Using watertight connectors prevents dust and water from entering the enclosure. External signals are inclusive of brakes, key switch, cadence, and lights.

  • Power motor controller
  • Efficient motor control

Compact without an external case:
69.05 x 55.5 x 20.5 mm
Super sleek with an external case:
73 x 57 x 28 mm

protection & control

Protection protocol: Phase over current, under-voltage, over temperature
Control mode: Field Oriented Control

phase current

Maximum phase current (for 1 min) : 17A
Nominal phase current: 13A
Operating voltage (nominal) : 36V

display support

Kungteng (LED and LCD)
Kingmeter (LED and LCD)
On demand, there are others!

Our motor controller could serve all your needs!

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