Upciti bms usb c pd

Introducing Niya- the world's first BMS integrated with USB-PD  charging

Now get the convenience of charging over USB-C connector without the need of a dedicated charger and without any compromise in the charging performance.



 Charging over USB-C connector


 With most existing battery packs


With state-of-the-art technology

USB Powered ebike charging

USB Power Delivery (PD) - A solution for everyday discomforts of modern life

Imagine the convenience of a universal charger that works with all your personal electronics -
phone, laptop, tablet, etc. And now with your ebike too. Spontaneous change in plans, no problem.
With Upciti's battery management system (bms), experience the comfort and ease of
one charger for all your devices at your fingertips.
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Are you ready to embrace the future of charging?

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  • What pack voltage does the BMS support?

    36V nominal systems with LFP, NCA/ NCM chemistry are supported

  • What is the difference in the charging time over a standard charger?

    The charging times depend on the power capabilities on the charger used and the pack capacity. Comparing against a standard 2A charger, with a >90 W USB PD adapter, the battery can charge 5% faster

  • What are the minimum charger requirements for charging?

    A power supply capable of supplying at least 9V, 2.2A is required

  • Do all USB C chargers work?

    Majority of chargers employ USB-PD, which is supported. Propitiatory protocols are not supported

  • Can I use the port to charge other devices?

    The port is only used for charging the battery pack and does allow charging other devices

  • I want to charge my battery even faster

    We hear you, have a sneak peak for more details